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Sunday, February 9, 2014



Six Concepts to a Successful Home Business

…According to the Direct Marketing Association, there are a few guidelines you must follow
To succeed in marketing any new product. Number one, always work with a product you like and
Believe in, but that product should have one or more of the following characteristics:
·         Broad appeal- Ideally every man, woman or household either wants or needs it.
·         Exclusivity- The product or comparable products should not be available in stores.
The only way the customer can get it is through you.
·         Emotion- The product should significantly enhance or change the customer’s life.
For example: better health, more money, improved lifestyle.
·         Easy to use
·         Competitively priced
·         Money-back guarantee
·         Readily available
A business that provides one or more of these needs is likely to do well.
What do you suppose would happen if your business provided for all of these?
You’d have a potential gold mine! Well our business does just that…
...This is exactly the opportunity that you’re looking at…

…The dawn of a new
millennium found us in the middle of another wave, the "Work From
Home" trend which many believe is in it's infancy at $401 billion dollars
per year. People want to take control of their lives, time and financial
future. A statistical fact indicates that most heart attacks occur on Monday
morning. Does this mean some people would rather die than go to work? At the
time this was w
ritten, an
estimated 14 million people work from home full time, and 13 million work from
home part time in the U.S. alone. This number is increasing by almost 600,000
per year, and the average home-based business income is an estimated $50,000
per year, almost double the average income of an American employee! This trend
is moving so fast, it is estimated by Home Incorporated magazine that 8,493 new
home businesses are started every day. That's one every ten seconds! Will you
be one of them? We cater to that trend, and you can ride this wave with our

The final Mega-Trend, Internet Marketing, is
projected to have a greater impact on the world than the Industrial Revolution…
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