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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

16 Ways To Get Noticed By Your Network by PAUL CASTAIN on OCTOBER 16, 2012

How does one stand out in a sea of networking contacts?

Funny you should ask . . .

1)    Get on a committee at your local chamber with the goal of eventually chairing that committee. Doing so makes you a “go to” person which dramatically increases your visibility

2)    Show up consistently in any of the networking venues you embrace. Doing so gives you that “familiar face” vibe which obviously increases visibility.

3)    Your status updates: You should be updating your status updates daily. No need for boring play by play. Consider useful articles, websites, resources, quotes, a link to your blog and even (dare I say) something that makes someone else in your network look like a rock star!

4)    Comment on other people’s status updates. A wise balding Jedi once said “Everyone has a story and wants to be heard” Be the friendly voice in the crowd that acknowledges that!

5)    Assume the role of “matchmaker” to people in your network. If you do this, you put yourself at the center of mucho relationships which in turn makes you more (wait for it) . . . VISIBLE! Actually, it makes you downright freak’n valuable! Ponder that, muchacho!

6)    Increase your visibility by moving all connections to additional networking venues. Example: If you network with someone in the conventional sense, why not increase your exposure by inviting them to connect on Linkedin, Twitter etc.

7)    Have an idea that you offer to a prospect or connection with no strings attached. When was the last time you got an “I was thinking of you and wanted to offer you this idea” message from someone? That’s my point . . . nice way to gain visibility because nobody does it!

8)    Take a look at your prospecting process and then answer this question “In what ways can I be more creative?” Since people need creative solutions to their challenges, demonstrating your creativity will help you stand out!

9)    Start your own networking group that targets the audience where you need to demonstrate your expertise. This can be done in conventional networking  or in a social networking venue like I did with my Linkedin Group. That group represents a community where I can demonstrate my expertise regularly!

10)  Move all virtual relationships to real time. Set a goal of at least 3-5 per week. This will help you increase visibility big time, because most people leave their connections on a computer screen! Get your free report on how to do this by clicking here!

11)  Keep in touch after someone tells you “No”. Continue to provide them with resources and the occasional idea. You’ll score points for being a good sport and gain serious visibility because most view this as a “Door slammed shut for all eternity”

12)  Email your entire network every 6-8 weeks with a no strings attached, non salesy resource.

13)  Each day, find a way to make at least one person in your network look like a rock star.

14)  Get in the habit of encouraging people. People gravitate towards people who make them feel good about themselves

15)  Radiate an aura of giving unconditionally . . . without a scorecard. Not enough people doing this = you standing out big time!

16)  When someone takes the time to have a conversation with you on a prospecting call, get in the habit of sending a good, old fashioned “Thank You” card. Nobody does it, so you get to be more visible!

Your turn . . .

How do you stand out and get noticed by your network?

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