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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Radiate Enthusiasm in All That You Do

                      Radiate Enthusiasm in All That You Do

Everyone has seen people who never seem to lose, or when they do, they bounce right back and win again. They seem to have the "Midas Touch." Everything they touch turns to gold. What is the golden thread that runs through these people? This thread is enthusiasm - the common denominator of success.

More than any other characteristic or trait of human personality, enthusiasm is the edge that helps people succeed - as a parent, student, employee, leader, or whatever role they may play. Enthusiasm radiates a message to people that you are happy, confident, and prosperous in all your endeavors.

When you turn on the power of enthusiasm in your life and when you apply it in lavish quantities to every area of your life, you put the world's most powerful force to work for you. Think about the power of enthusiasm:

Enthusiasm persuades without pressure.

Enthusiasm glows, permeates, and immediately captures the interest of others.

Enthusiasm sparks excitement inside you that makes you "wake up and live!"

Enthusiasm overcomes the emotional temperature of any situation.

Enthusiasm paves the way for new ideas.

Enthusiasm produces confidence that cries to the world: "I've got what it takes!"

Enthusiasm spreads like an eagle soaring in the wind. Enthusiasm blasts every obstacle from your path.

Enthusiasm is like the yeast that raises the dough.

Enthusiasm sways the will of another into harmony with your own goals.

Enthusiasm draws others to you and electrifies them with positive thinking.

Practice enthusiasm in every facet of your life. Saturate yourself with enthusiastic confidence. Become a true enthusiast - a person with thoughts that breathe and words that ignite action - and make everything you do turn to gold!

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