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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Is Twitter A Waste Of Time For Sales Reps? by PAUL CASTAIN on SEPTEMBER 8, 2012


Its that magical time of the week again folks when we get to hang out via The Sales Playbook Podcast and today we’re tackling a tough topic.
Is Twitter A Waste Of Time For Sales People?
I’ll go ahead and spill the beans and tell you that I’m weighing in on this one with both a Yes and all caps NO and if I might upgrade that . . .

A Ridiculously large all Caps NO!

I’ll provide you with several, real world examples of how sales people are kicking ass and taking names in the b2b space oh and I’m not talking about what “social media experts” are doing . . . I’m talking about sales reps in industries like printing, software sales, merchant services, consulting, accounting to name just a few.
Note: My microphone became possessed at one point. We tried an impromptu exorcism including several “Out demons” but it still came through on the podcast in a few spots. I wasn’t about to run out to the Podcast Microphone store on a Saturday night so I figured I’d just leave it and get a new microphone later. Sorry about that folks. Just use your imagination when you get to those parts and in your best New Yawk accent say something I would say.

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