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Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Random Act Of “Wow” by PAUL CASTAIN on JUNE 6, 2012


I was pretty exhausted when I checked into the Embassy Suites hotel in Maryland last night.
I was greeted politely, they found my reservation quickly (always a good thing) and then it happened . . .
I was told that I had been selected as their guest of the day!
Well son of a freakin gun, not even 30 seconds before I was simply Paul Castain and now I morphed into the Embassy Suites Guest of The Day.
I’m not going to lie . . . It instantly made me feel good and really appreciated!
Here’s what they gave me . . .
A bag of all kinds of snacks . . . here’s the bag, minus the snacks :)
Free internet . . . I really appreciate this one and in the spirit of a quick rant wish hotels would either stop charging for this or just build it in so I don’t see that you’re charging me.
A certificate which I was thinking about waving around the lounge in the same way Wayne and Garth waved their backstage passes in Wayne’s world.
A letter informing me of my “Guest of The Day” status!
Here’s the bottom line folks . . . This was all done for well under 10 bucks!

Appreciating a customer with a “random act of wow” doesn’t have to break the bank!

I wonder if this is something you could utilize in your business somehow?
A client of the day or week or what have you.
Perhaps it could mean bagels or a pizza?
A bag of goodies?
A stripper? Actually I put that there to make sure you were paying attention.
No matter how you choose to express it . . .
Just make sure you package it all with an attitude of APPRECIATION!
Oh, and for those of you who won’t drop the 10 bucks . . . 10 bucks is nothing compared to the cost of going out and “courting” a new client. No?

Your turn . . .

What are your thoughts about this business of “random acts of wow”? Do you have any examples you can share with us?
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