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Monday, June 18, 2012

Help Prospects Heed Your Call BY ALAN BLUME JUNE 16, 2012

that you would like this person to do during his or her visit? Though there are many nuances to your website and the experience your visitors may have there, one thing you want them to encounter early and often is your call to action (CTA).

Yes, you need to ensure that your website is professional, that it conveys your value proposition and that your content is current and relevant. However, you need to optimize your chance of engaging with prospects by displaying a prominent, “above the fold” call to action. Your CTA may vary based upon the individual character of your business, but some examples of effective CTAs include:

Join us for a webinar
Sign up for our newsletter (or blog, bulletin, feed, alert)
Follow us on Twitter (or Facebook, LinkedIn)
Watch our video
Get a quote (or estimate, demonstration, presentation)
See our solution (or short video, PPT, recorded webinar)
Whatever your CTA, make sure it is prominent, highlighted, above the fold and preferably redundant. And ask yourself this simple question: When an important prospect visits our website, what do we want them to do? Once you have your answer, make it easy for the prospect to accomplish this. I’ve visited many attractive websites that fail to accomplish this simple but very important task.

Alan Blume is an author, and as founder and CEO of StartUpSelling Inc., he works with small businesses on lead generation, sales, marketing, website design and branding. For more information, go to www.StartUpSelling.com.

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