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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why Would Anyone Want to Do Business with You? BY JOHN SCRANTON MAY 20, 2012

* What services do you provide?
* Why would people want to do business with you?
* How are you better than the next guy?
These simple questions stump too many agency executives. Often the answers become clouded by the abstract concepts and strategies we read about in trade magazines (often designed to mask the fact that we are selling insurance).

The quandary is further complicated for those agents who strive to be everything to everyone—and risk becoming nothing to no one.

The fastest and most effective path to cleaning the dust off your value proposition and finding your true mission as a salesperson or producer is to narrow your focus. Keep throwing your darts at the bull’s eye until you can consistently hit your target. Only then should you contemplate a larger area of endeavor.

The answers to the above questions should come to you immediately. They should be second nature, pinpoint accurately your mission and be easily grasped by yourself, your employees and your customers. If you have to mull over the answers, you may need to tighten your focus. Do so and you will be rewarded for your effort.

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