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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An Easy To Use Relationship Building Phrase by PAUL CASTAIN on APRIL 17, 2012

File this one under “easier said than done” because most people agree with the philosophy, agree with the phrase and even label this as “basic stuff”

So basic that the bulk of the population sucks at this!

Any who, here it is in all it’s simplistic splendor . . .

Reach out to your clients and tell them . . .

“I was thinking about you” as in . . .

“I was thinking about you and (fill in the blank with a specific challenge) and had a few thoughts for you”

“I was thinking about you and thought of this idea that might help” Bonus points if it’s a no strings attached idea.

“I was thinking about you and wanted to hear about that vacation you were about to go on last time we chatted”

“I was thinking about you and realized its been like forever since we got together to break some bread”

“I was thinking about you and wanted to know how our TPS Reporting System is addressing the concerns you expressed to me when we first met”

“I was thinking about you and know of someone who I could refer to you as a client” Imagine that . . . sending a client a freakin client . . . Classic!

I do believe there’s a bit of a psychological benefit to saying this phrase and more importantly, demonstrating a level of care here’s why . . .

We all want to be important enough to know others are thinking about us!

People seem to be too busy to care these days. I don’t say that as a prompting for all of us to check into group therapy, I say that as an invitation for you to . . .

Out Care Everyone Else!

So let’s break this down into some actionable steps

Step 1: Think about a client

Step 2: Reach out to them (preferably through an ancient device called the phone)

Step 3: Let them know you were thinking about them. Tell them why.

Step 4 Lose your agenda and make the interaction all about them.

Step 5 Continue giving a sh*t by demonstrating good listening skills.

Step 6 No multi tasking while giving a sh*t.

Step 7 Rinse and repeat with your other clients

Think this is silly? Riddle me this . . .

When was the last time someone told you that they were thinking about you?


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