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Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Business Card Strategy by PAUL CASTAIN on FEBRUARY 29, 2012

I remember Tom Hopkins saying that “when you hit pay dirt . . . you keep digging!”
A few months ago, I stumbled on an idea that turned out to be quite lucrative for my business.
I wanted something that could give prospects and clients a quick “at a glance” overview of all the services I offer.
Because its way to easy for us to become pigeon holed into being a provider of one service and meanwhile we offer 10! More specifically, I didn’t want my audience buying the other 9 somewhere else!
Why else?
Because I know my audience is too busy to be continually thinking “What else does Paul offer?” and I’m not about to spend all my efforts becoming “That guy” who continually says “But wait . . . there’s more!”
So I enlisted the help of my designers and they came up with this PDF that I now include with every proposal. Feel free to click on the picture below if you want to see it full size.
The results have been mighty cool!
I decided to run with this theme and asked my designers to create a 2 sided business card.
There are lots of personal branding folks out there who tell us we should have a picture of ourselves on the card. I was uncomfortable doing this because I started my career as a pressman and . . . I  can tell you first hand that I drew some pretty hideous stuff on the faces of those who dared to include their picture on their printing.
Castain is no pressman’s bitch!
But seriously . . .
The card is a 4 color 2 sided card on a nice glossy heavy stock (like a firm hand shake from a dead tree)
On one side there’s all my contact info. This posed a challenge for me because my official title is “Vice President of Jedi Mastery” which conflicts with my rock star motif, or so I thought, until I saw this . . .
And that was all the freakin evidence I needed! Thank you PhotoShop!
Here’s the front of my card . . .
On the other side, there’s that list of all those services I provide.
I’ve only had the cards 2 months and the payout has been incredible!
Here are a few situations . . .
I’ve had people at networking events say “Oh wow, I didn’t know you also did __________” and our conversation has moved quickly into some needs that they have in those areas.
I’ve sent them in my thank you cards and had people call me with additional business referencing the back of my business card.
And I’m not going to lie. I never get tired of watching executives crack a smile when I meet them and they tell me “That’s a really cool card”
Guilty as charged your Executiveness!
But this all leads to a really important question . . .
There are many who feel that business cards are almost useless these days.
What’s your opinion?
If you’d like for me to send you my card, please email your contact info to

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